Hyper-personalized on-chain web3 marketing platform

Uniping is a tool for Web3 applications to acquire new on-chain customers using Promotional NFTs.

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Uniping Benefits

Why should you use Uniping

You are using web2 platforms to target web3 customers - Inefficient, Ineffective, Inadequate. Uniping provides you a complete web3 tech stack to Discover and Acquire new customers.


Acquire new customers

Acquiring new customers is tough, especially on web3 where a wallet address is the only available representation

Find your customers

Find wallet addresses on the basis of different parameters - NFT collections, total balance, Defi protocols, Average Tx price etc. You can use these filters to find your potential customers.

Improve acquisition

Connect with potential customers via an on-chain promotion with rewards at the core.

Collect promotion metrics to drive future retention

See real time results of your marketing campaigns and move beyond the post-campaign analysis that helps you improve before your next campaign!


Attention given = Attention received

Drop your custom copy in form of NFT with real value attached.

Reach users of any Dapp on any chain

Deliver personalized airdrops to any of your competitors tokens.

Burnable NFT with real value.

Your potential users can burn the NFT and claim value sent with it.

Show them your seriousneess

Drop multiple NFTs or attach higher value. Grab their attention with NFTs.
Show your seriousness by sending high value.


Frequently Asked Questions

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